“HER…4(last excerpt)” a short work by adeoye malumi

She was born into a christian family HER dad was a wealthy bank manager, and HER mom was a caterer. When she was a little over 14 years of age HER father kicked suddenly then her suffering began,according to the custom after a man dies he leaves all his property to his son and if he has none it goes to his brother

 So HER uncle(HER dad’s only younger brother) took over,he was married to a very bitter woman who blamed all and sundry for her childlessness, they moved into HER father’s house two weeks after his burial, HER aunt(uncle’s wife) began maltreating HER and HER mother, they began to cook,clean,and wash every time for the duo,

HER mom who was supposed to stand up for her family was I’ll, had sickle cell anaemia, she was also depressed and weak as a result of the shock of HER father’s death, she had stopped eaten and also had to always work to avoid receiving slaps from her in-law.
After some months HER mom had her crisis (a sickness period for sickle cell patients) and she also passed on, HER iniquitous uncle and his wife dumped her body in the mortuary, HER suffering increased greatly she was forced to eat spoilt food and her resting place was the cold hard floor of their kitchen,she wept daily and prayed for God to take HER soul

She kept wondering why God made bad things happen to good people. On one occasion HER nefarious uncle decided to “have his way” with her (rape), she still too young and so she was damaged she was unconscious for days, and when she finally regained consciousness and healed of her wounds he continued, sometimes with his friends, she kept having horrible nightmares,she was traumatised and HER organs remained sore,she grew up and had two children for HER vile uncle, she continued in HER pain and suffering, until she was finally remembered and rescued by her mother’s cousin who had been in the diaspora all the while, she got on HER two feet and continued school ,when she was 19 she entered the university and graduated, then she went for HER masters,after which she was given a lovely job in an oil company, she was then able to sponsor HER children,she became an hard woman, she hated men and she was closed up inside a shell. she later sued HER uncle for child molestation and abuse, and HER aunt for battery and assault, she reclaimed HER parents properties, and even though she was established she felt she might never know joy,and might continually live in this pain that will never heal.

It was not until she finished HER story that I realised that I had been crying, I quickly wiped my tears , how could one human know so much suffering I thought my heart was broken for her,I drew her into my embrace as she wept unremittingly on my chest,I felt some drops of tears roll down my cheeks and I assured HER that I was there to take away her pain, HER sadness, HER hurt, and bring back all the happiness in the world, I felt HER relax into my arms, then she looked up at me HER eyes warm and deep, then I leaned in for a kiss,and she tilted HER head upward till our lips met ,we kissed deeply,as I felt her was tears fall on our lips,and I tasted its saltiness,  this was the perfect place to be ,with her ,

I then realised that she was meant for me, and I was meant for HER

              THE END


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