After that night, I realised I had fallen head over heel in love, I couldn’t keep HER out of my mind

Every second that passed reminded me of our last meeting, I even dreamt of HER every other night.

We had other dates and officially began courting, she was the best partner anyone could ever have,she was loyal,caring, loving and a lot more, I couldn’t even ask for more.

But behind her facade of strength, beauty and virtue I could feel there was a lot of pain,the way she shook whenever I mentioned HER family,and quivered when I dropped thoughts of meeting them ,bugged me incessantly I was helpless to HER very pain and it was disturbing.
I asked HER times without number why she never spoke about HER family but she always said nothing. 

This very day I went over to HER apartment and found HER in brown study, she was drinking and crying, I was moved beyond reason.

Such a shell of strength, was so fragile and weak I walked slowly to where she sat drew HER into my embrace and asked HER what made her so broken,

Then she began HER STORY….


About ∆desmondಠ_ಠ

LIVE!!! LOVE!!! LAUGH!!! life is just too short to be sad #wink
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