I got home that night feeling elated,it was as if I had just hit the jackpot,I knew in my heart that she was the one for me,I decided to put a call through to her, I called and I was greeted by her ever angelic voice,I asked if she got home safely, which she replied in affirmation,I then told her how much I enjoyed her company and wished for us to hang out again,she chuckled and asked when, I told her the next day which was Friday by 7:30 ,after doing a rain check she agreed, I was soooo happy I readily told her goodnight and hung up, my heart racing like mad horses I began to anticipate,I was anxious at the same time nervous,this was the first time I had been so shaken meeting up with a lady, I was always “the ladies man” I went to bed thinking about the next day anticipating it with every tick of the clock, till I finally drifted off.

The next day I couldn’t concentrate at work, I was looking forward to meeting her again, I got home after work and began to search for something to wear, this was our first date and first impressions matter a lot,I tried almost all the attires I had in my wardrobe till I finally settled for a black tuxedo, with a brown Clark’s shoe, I combed my hair sprayed my cologne and set out for my date.

I got to the restaurant around 7:00pm, and reserved a table for two,i waited for another 30mins before i saw HER walk in, I was spell bound, she looked gorgeous, resplendent in pulchritude, she looked like a patrician princess,unearthly and non temporal

As she approached my table I got up walked to HER,extended my hand and told HER she looked fabulous,she smiled,accepted my handshake and said i looked charming i smiled back

We walked back to the table and i pulled the chair for HER to seat before going back to mine,I thanked HER for accepting my invitation as we ordered for our desert,and main meals, then we talked all through the night, 

I found out she was a doctor,and she was single,I also found out she had a NGO, she told me about HER family, and how she single handedly takes care HER 5 younger siblings since HER parents died after a terminal illness,

I consoled HER and told HER she was a strong woman, I was awestruck by HER virtues and plethora of talents.she was gifted in art,she drew,and painted, she was also a great organist. 

At the end of the night we walked together to our cars as I hugged HER and waved HER goodbye. It was the best night ever.


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LIVE!!! LOVE!!! LAUGH!!! life is just too short to be sad #wink
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