I was one of the many heads that turned when she strode gracefully across the room to the bar
HER black heels complemented HER perfectly shaped long legs,they looked like sculptures carved by a master sculptor

HER full hips swung rhythmically as she made her way to the bar

HER short red gown hugged HER hourglass figure revealing HER lovely shape,she was a masterpiece

I was spell bound,I stood up and walked confidently to where she sat at the bar,then in my most gentle manly voice I introduced my self extending my hands in the process 

She turned HER face to me receiving my handshake,and smiled revealing HER snowy white teeth,HER lips were full and they looked succulent

HER cleavage was enchanting and seducing, I snapped back to reality to met the most beautiful set of eyes staring intently at me 

I was lost in HER dark brown hazel nut eyes,HER highlight was cosmic,she looked like a “goddess from a fantasy movie” she introduced herself, HER voice was clear and piercing every word marked with a distinct air of royalty

She was confident, we talked more,exchanged contacts and after some time, she decided to leave,I offered to pay for HER drinks but she refused politely,she was also sufficient, 

OH GOD!! All these qualities in one person,I thought to myself, I was enchanted by her aura, she paid for her drink and walked decisively out of the club after waving me bye

She was a perfect being,she must have been created on an holiday I thought again, I never believed in love at first sight,but there was a connection between me and HER


About ayanfe

LIVE!!! LOVE!!! LAUGH!!! life is just too short to be sad #wink
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