The house in the woods


Hello reader,  I am ade and I will be telling you a story of two lovebirds. This is a story of alex and alice, they were an amazing couple, they always went everywhere together, did everything together and even from a distance anyone would see they were dang! In love. They were a fun loving couple going to different places , surfing, clubbing, partying, picnicking and a lot of other different stuffs, unfortunately this was what caused alice’s untimely death and  traumatized alex for the rest of his life.

On a Friday evening after school alex and alice planned to go for a picnic in the woods as was their custom, after the picnic they planned to have a *nasty night*. They packed up their bags go to the venue, which was really deep in the woods ‘they needed privacy’ and set up for the picnic the brought sandwiches, fruit drinks, sushi, and a lot of other stuffs to eat they started the picnic , they talked about their relationship where each of them was lacking, they talked about school, they talked about plans for college and as they were  still talking it began to drizzle lightly. They quickly got up packed up their bags and began to look for shelter as the weather had changed drastically.

They kept looking for shelter as the rain beat down on their poor backs, after sometime of looking up and down they spotted a house a few feets away from them , drenched and wet they walked quickly towards the cottage, they got the door of the house and knocked, no reply, they knocked again still no reply, then they knocked the last time, alex tried the door knob and it opened easily they stepped into the house it was dark thankfully alice had brought a flashlight along she switched it on and began looking around and in the process asking “is anyone home?” after a while of this exercise they resolved that the house was  probably deserted and they decided to settle in for the night . they scanned the cottage for someplace  they could sleep for the night, they saw a lot of rooms but chose one they walked into the room, inspected it, now the room had a study table, a bed a lamp and just one window it also had a ceiling fan. They pulled off their already soaked clothes , and luckily for them there were some nighties folded neatly on the bed one for a male and one for a female. The quickly put it on and jumped into bed where they ate their picnic leftovers and lay their heads to sleep, but sleep wouldn’t come they just lay there hearing each other breathe, the night was cold , a naughty plan slipped into alex’s mind he moved his hands slowly towards alice, the bed was small and there was little space in between them he slid his hand up her legs , up her laps to her pussy, she felt this and shivered but she dint move enjoying every bit of the act, she opened her legs wider for alex to put his hand in her luckily for alex she had removed her panties because it was also soaked in the rain.

He slid his middle finger into her already wet pussy, she moaned deeply, the he moved it out slowly and pushed it back in this time faster than the last he kept pushing it in and pulling it out very fast, she was moaning and groaning he bent over her and claimed her mouth with his kissed her deeply he was still finger fucking her  after a while they paused their moment of passion to removed their clothes alice slipped off her gown fast, he could see her tit they were full and perky she was beautiful, he remembered how they had met she was in his chemistry class sitting at his left he had being a jovial and friendly guy while she was conservative and shy he approached her first and though she was really shy she later liked him and agreed to go out with him. Alex pulled of f his short and walked to alice he swept her of her feets and laid her gently on the bed lying down as well, he started by kissing her his hands moving slowly up her laps, she was moaning as his hand trailed from her lap to her core, she buckled as he slid one of his fingers into her gently she moaned softly and then he stopped kissing her , he traced his steps from her lips down to her neck down to her cleavage with his tongue, his hands left her core and moved to her tits he began rubbing the nipples slowly between his index finger and thumb while he was flicking his tongue over her other tit



She was moaning softly awww,awwww,awwww he continued to suck her boobs , he stopped sucking her boobs , his fingers still rubbing her nipples he began to trail slowly from her boobs to her stomach to her pelvis , she jerked as his wet tongue touched her clit, she had never been given a head before, his tongue was wet and warm he began licking her clit and sucking her vulva she was moaning loudly she had never enjoyed this kind of pleasure before he dipped his tongue in her vagina and began to suck the more she was vibrating , his hands moved from her boobs to her vagina as he began to finger fuck her while still sucking her clit she began to reach her climax as he continued sucking and fingering she groaned and moaned loudly as she finally came, she lay down exhausted, but she gathered strength up again , alex lay down on the bed as alice began stroking his manhood, she bent over and swallowed the full length , he had a huge manhood it was choking her , she moved her head up and down slowly at the same time stroking his balls she sucked his cock , she sucked it ,she used her tongue to tickle the head and then she continued sucking and sucking still stroking his balls, he was already moaning , she was still sucking and he was still moaning  he began to reach his climax as she removed his cock from her mouth and began rubbing his already wet cock with her hand she moved her hands up and down very fast giving him a handjob she continued as he let out a satisfied groan and jets of pre cum gushed out of his huge cock.

He then turned her over , he pulled her to the edge of the bed and got off the bed, her back on the bed he held her two legs in his hands as he slid his huge and wet cock into her pussy, she gasped he was huge he moved in and out slowly as she moaned deeply with each thrust he began to go faster , she started groaning louder , faster and harder he thrust into her she was gyrating she was in ectasy she was groaning, he kept thrusting deeper and deeper, faster and harder as she groaned the more then he sat down on the bed laying  back on the bed she sat on his erect and huge cock, she began riding him moving up and down slowly, slowly as she moaned

He sat up held her waist and pulled her forcefully against his erect cock,  she let out a yelp it was soooo good, he began pushing her up and pulling her down forcefully, she kept shouting, groaning, moaning as he kept pushing his cock deep into her pussy, he pushed her to the edge of the bed again and got of he opened her legs wide and slid his huge cock into her she moaned deeply, he placed his hands on her boobs and began to rub her hard nipples as he thrust into her pussy, he began going in and out faster and faster, she was groaning, deeper and deeper, she groaned the more , he thrust in and out with great speed still rubbing her hard nipples with his two hands , he thrust harder, harder and harder and she let out a satisfied scream she came, and he also came immediately after, they lay down exhausted breathing heavily, when they finally caught their breath the cuddled up together naked and covered themselves up with a blanket ,after some minutes alice drifted off, alex was about to sleep to when he heard footsteps outside their room, his heart jumped he quickly got off the bed wore his shorts and tiptoed slowly to the door,

He open the door slowly and quietly and looked around but he did not see anyone it was already midnight and the moonlight was beaming into the house, he stepped back into the room and closed the door, he walked back to the bed and lay down thinking his mind was playing tricks on him, he tried to sleep but he had this sick feeling in his chest, he was pressed, he stood up from the bed and walked to the door to locate the toilet he got out of the room and walked around the house, he looked for the toilet as he found another room directly opposite theirs, he opened the door quietly and walked into the room, he found a bathroom in there and eased himself, then he heard it again, the same footsteps as before, he panicked , then  he heard a door open slowly and then close he walked slowly and cautiously out of the bathroom to the door of the room, he opened it and scanned the living room again, then he saw it, the door of the house was ajar, the had bolted it yesterday night he thought, maybe someone broke in while they were having their time, he panicked again as he remember alice, he heart was racing then he heard a  sharp scream and a loud thud, the voice was familiar, oh no!, it was alice he was frantic, he heard more thuds, but no more screams, he closed the door silently walked to the corner of the room and crouched there, there was a killer in the house, he heard a door open and close, then he heard another door open and close, his heart racing he began to mumble his prayers, he heard footsteps , they were getting closer and closer , he was breathing so fast , he feared the killer might hear his breathing and discover his , then he thought of a better place to hide, he moved from the corner he was to the bed in the room he , slowly crept under the bed, the footsteps had stopped already ,just outside the door, he heard the handle of the door twist in an attempt to be opened from outside, he held his breath so he wont be discovered, as the door off the room was pushud open slowly


He could see boots, men boots, it was a male killer, the killer moved round the room he, searching , he walked to the bathroom opened it, and pissed in the water closet, alex was still holding his breath trying not to breathe at all, his heart was beating so fast and hard, he feared the killer might hear it too the killer flushed the toilet and walked out of the toilet to the room then something fell down , alex saw a  blood stained baseball bat, he flung his hand to his mouth to stop the shriek that almost escaped, it dawned on him that alice was dead, it was his idea for them to have a picnic he thought as warm tears trickled down his eyes, his sweetheart was gone, his thoughts were interrupted as he heard what sounded like someone dragging something into the room he was , it was the killer , alex heard a thud, he saw alice, she was motionless blood coming from her mouth, and a distant look in her eyes, SHE WAS DEAD!! Fresh tears trickled down his face as he heard the killer tiptoe out of the room, then he went blank, he woke up to see himself in somewhere white, he let out a deep sigh, he though he had finally woken up from his nightmare, and tried to get up, but he was with held by his father, he looked around, it wasn’t a dream after all, alice was really dead , he cried loudly as his father hugged him, he blamed himself,.


days passed and he recovered and was finally able to move around, but he was always sad, he remembered the distant look in her eyes, he was not the same anymore, he became distant and quiet in school, he was always staring at her seat in class, he couldn’t sleep well at night as he kept having nightmares, the news said they had caught the killer, autopsy revealed that he tried to rape alice but she resister and he killed her, he was probable watching them all through their time alex thought, his family went for the hearing but he couldn’t, he felt he was the killer after all, he felt he should have checked well when he heard the footsteps, then alice’s funeral came up,

he went for it, when he was invited to speak about her he broke down in tears as he looked at her family, sobbing silently, he couldn’t talk, the funeral ended


days turned into weeks, weeks into months, alex was still distant, he went for multiple therapy sessions, but he was still depressed, he finally finished college and became a lawyer, he only attended to criminal cases, he never married, and he still thinks of her….


                         THE END




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