the masquerade..a poem by kels

​*The Masquerade*He wore the prettiest smile which filled my thought.With his caring nature and attitudes, I was caught.I built my hopes around him like a fort.My heart was his home so we never fought.He was always looking gussy,Anything I see him,  my mind went fussy,His presence made me feel,  like I was in a Jacuzzi,Yet,  I was just a plaything,.Just like puppet, he controls me with a string.I was drunk not with alcohol but with his love full of bling .Left ,Right centre ,front, back….. Not cadet commands but that’s how lost I was in love.And just like a heifer to the slaughter house,my smiles were beaming each time.At one point in time, I felt his feelings were fervid,so strong that didn’t  merit.that ability to make me go “eerie” .My heart was opened like a lobby, and he had me wrapped around his goatee.In a flash, in a day,  he showed me his real face, like a griffinNow I’m realising his concept.He swayed me at the highest aptitude.. Heartless inept.Faceless lover behind the smiling shadow.Now I’m left desolate  feeling pains even in my marrow.How could I have known,  that he was a wolf in a sheep’s clothing,Whiles behind me, he was seeing other women .Gosh,  I have been ridden of my pride and my accounts,Because to him,  I ve been proven gullible.Now,  I have no choice than to live like he has left me,  ignobleI was feeble to persuade.My love,my life and my dreams he dissuade.And each episode of this bittersweet movie, I watched on like Maude.I need no prophet or soothsayer to tell me ….He was a masquerader


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LIVE!!! LOVE!!! LAUGH!!! life is just too short to be sad #wink
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