the dark angel|14

​expression.David was looking at her that way.Immediately all her fear, including the little stab induced by Amy, was swept away. Her heart was still pounding and little waves of adrenaline were still going through her, but now what it felt like was excitement. Heady, buoyant anticipation. As if she had started on the roller coaster ride of her life.David actually had to shake himself before he remembered to put the car in gear. And then he kept sneaking glances at her out of the side of his eye.”You did something to your… and your…” He made a vague motion near his own head. Gillian’s gaze was caught by his hand, which was strong, brown, long-fingered, and handsome.”Yeah, I cut my hair,” she said. She meant to sound careless and sophisticated, but it came out shaky, with a little laugh at theend. She tried again. “I figured I didn’t want to look too young.””Ouch.” He made a face. “That’s my fault, isn’t it? You overheard that stuff yesterday. What Tanya and I said.”(Tell him you’ve been thinking of doing it for a while.)”Yeah, but I’ve been thinking of doing it fora while now,” Gillian said. “It’s no big deal.”David glanced at her as if to say he disagreed with that. But it wasn’t a disapproving glance. It was more like electrified awe… and a sort of discovery that seemed to grow every time he lookedat her.”And I never saw you at school?” he muttered. “I must’ve been blind.””Sorry?””No, nothing. I’m sorry.” He drove in silence for a while. Gillian forced herself to stare out the window and realized they were onHillcrest Road . Strange how different the landscape looked today. Yesterday it had been lonely and desolate; this morning it seemed harmless, and the snow looked soft and comfortable, like old cushions.”Listen,” David said abruptly. He broke off and shook his head. And then he did something that absolutely amazed Gillian.He pulled the car to the side of the road-orat least as far to the side as he could get it-they were still in the flow of traffic-and parked it.”There’s something I have to say.”Gillian’s heart now seemed to be beating everywhere, in her throat and her fingertips and her ears. She had a dreamlike sensation that her body wasn’t solid anymore, that she was just a floatingmass of heartbeat. Her vision shimmered.She was… waiting.But what David said was unexpected. “Do you remember the first time we met?””I-yes.” Of course she did. Four years ago; she’d been twelve and tiny for her age. She’d been lying on the ground beside herhouse, making snow angels. Kind of childish, sure, but in those days a stretch of new snow had affected her that way. And while she was lying on her back, arms out, making the imprint of the angel’s wings, a tree branch above her decided to shrug off its load of snow. Suddenly her face was covered in damp, closely packed coldness and she couldn’tbreathe. She came up spluttering and gasping.And found herself steadied. Something was holding her, wiping her face gently. The first thing she saw when she got her vision back was a brown hand and a lean brown wrist. Then a face came into focus:high strong bones and dark, mischievous eyes.”I’m David Blackburn. I just moved in over there,” the boy said. He was wiping her face with his fingers.”You’d better be careful, snow princess. Next time I might not be around.”Looking up at him, Gillian had felt her heart explode and leak out of her chest.And she’d walked away on air, even though he’d patted her head after releasing her. She was in love.”Well, back then, I sort of got the wrong impression,” David was saying. “I thought you were a lot younger and more-well, more fragile than youare.” There was a pause, and then he said wonder-ingly, not quite looking at her,”But, it’s like, there’s so much more to you.I started realizing that yesterday.”Gillian understood. David didn’t have a reputation for being wild for nothing. He liked girls who were bold, dashing, out there. If he were a knight, he wouldn’t fall in love with the pampered princess back at the castle. He’d fall in love with a female knight, or maybe a robber, somebody who could share the Adventure with him, who’d be just as tough as he-was.Of course he had a strong protective streak. That was why he rescued maidensin distress. But he didn’t go for the maidens who needed rescuing.”And now,” David was saying, “Now, I mean, you’re …” He held his hands up in a whoa motion. He wasn’t looking at her at all.In a moment of perfect bliss, Gillian thought, I’m cool.”You’re kind of incredible,” David said.”And I feel really stupid for not noticing that before.”Gillian couldn’t breathe. There was something between her and David-a kind of quivering electricity. The air was so thick with it that she felt pressure all over her. She had never been so awake before, but at the same time she felt as if most of the world was insubstantial. Only she and David were real.And the voice in her head seemed very faraway. (Uh, dragonfly, we’ve got company. Incoming.)Gillian couldn’t move. A car drove by, swerving to avoid the Mustang. Gillian couldn’t see well through the Mustang’s steamed-up windows, but she thought faces were looking at her.David didn’t seem to notice the car at all. He was still staring at the gearshift, and when he spoke his voice was very quiet.”So I guess what I’m saying is, I’m sorry if anything I said hurt your feelings. And-i see you now.”He raised his head. And Gillian suddenly realized he was going to kiss her.Chapter 7Gillian felt triumph, wild excitement-and something deeper. An emotion she couldn’t describe because there weren’t any ordinary words for it. David was looking at her, and it was almost as if she could see through his dark eyes. As if shecould see inside him… see the way things looked to him…


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