Hot with a vampy penastory

I sat at my usual table. The one farthest from the door, I could see most people as they came and went but from my position, I was hidden from the crowd. It was a perfect view for me. I hated being known. I liked having the element of surprise.He slid suddenly into the seat directly opposite me. I was annoyed at the intrusion. It felt like someone intruding on personal space. He gave me a childish, toothy grin and I could feel my anger slowly ebb away. His teeth seemed perfectin their pearly whiteness and his dentition made him look like he lived off commercials for good teeth adverts.“Hi, my name is Darcy but most people callme Poison because I usually kiss them slowly till I break their defenses then strikehard and fast.”I looked up at that moment with all the pain I felt and said in a soft but sad voice “Death would be very welcomed right now.” I could tell that he wasn’t like every other guy I had met. There was a particulardarkness around him that called to mine for merging. I felt like I was under a haze, acompelling that I couldn’t shake off.“Why are you so sad” he asked. He never waited for a reply as he dropped more thanenough money on the table for the snacks I had been munching on and the then proceeded to take my hand and drag me with him. My mind told me it was wrong to follow a stranger but my heart and body were willing prisoners to him. I wasn’t only feeling the sexual tension in the air, I couldtaste it and it felt and tasted scary but exhilarating. We found our way to a dark abbey and the attack started.  It was a frenzy of clothes coming off as they were discarded, torn and pushed aside with passion until we were both stark naked.He carried me on his neck and I marveled at his strength since I am someone on the thick side. It was like he could read my mind as he said, “Unlike you, I like carrying my problems on my shoulders.” That statement was followed by passionate oralsex. He held me down on his neck with my back to the walk as he ate me like a wild dog that had been starved for weeks. He processed to give me love bites. My usually chocolate skin was marred with reddish marks. His nails dug into my skin every time I buckled against his mouth. It felt like he loved the taste of my blood. I couldn’t worry or care as I was in a state ofsexual tension.My hands were everywhere but nowhere atthe same time. I knew what I wanted but there was this fear in me. I quickly dispelled it as I cupped his balls and squeezed them gently. He gave a growl and bit my neck harder. I mentally planned an outfit for the next day to cover my neck as I was sure there was going to be a nasty scar there. Suddenly, he bit my ear and said huskily ” I can’t wait anymore andI know you can’t too” and he slammed intome. I screamed but he covered my mouth with his. He kept up with the sexual tortureand I could feel my pussy releasing a lot ofheat waves. I was experiencing torture but I did not mind. It was the kind I had dreamtabout for a while.Finally I was ready to cum and I voiced thisout to him, he came out of me and pleasured himself while I watched. When he was close to his breaking point, he slammed back into me but had his back against the wall. His dick slamming into me felt like a well-muscled arm having sex with me. We reached our breaking point together and as I gave an earth shattering scream while seeing the galaxies that had been found and the ones yet to be discovered, he bit into mi neck one last time while pouring his seed into me. The biting was not like the others as I could feel all his emotions, history and feelings. At this moment I understood that I had wild, passionate sex with a vampire.I looked at him with fear and questions in my eyes and all he could say was “in all myeons alive, I have never had sex that good”. After his statement, he disappearedbut left in his wake a pile of clothes that were my perfect size and a thank you note.


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