My first sexual encounter by desmond williams ep1&2


BY: Desmond williams

Episode one

Well I have always been ‘mummy’s boy’ that quiet dude in the class always observing things go on in class. I had the nickname pastor’s son given to me by my classmates.we were in our final year in highschool just starting a new term. we had those seriously preparing for waec ,some talking about prom,others about thier relationships and all that.I on the other hand was just observing everything go on…

After some time a classmate of mine rushed in and announced that the principal(the bald king) as people called him was coming to our class. (This man’s head could be used as a mirror because even after skinning his head he still applied cream). So when we all heard it we all adjusted ourselves to our respective position and pretended to read.

The principal walked in with a girl at his side, everyone in the class stood up to greet him as the custom was and the principal introduced her as Eva our new classmate that was to join us for waec .this wasnt a new thing as it happened every session.  he told us she was a science student an A student and all that. Well talking about Eva she was fair,about 5.4ft there about ,not too fat and not too slim and OH BOY she was damn hot even I could say it. I dint really hear the other things the principal said as i was still dumbfounded by her beauty. until the last part when he said she would be sitting beside me.

Well being as shy as I was my heart began to pump faster than usual I could even look up at her or anyone as everyone’s eye was on meme.

So the principal left the class and she sat down .heart began to beat faster I could move still in that state she tapped me and extended her hands asking my name in the process I hesitantly accepted the hand shake and said my name .she asked other questions like what department I was ,and if she could use my notes to see somethings well she continued asking me stuffs I found out she was very free and jovial and began to open up little by little

Episode 2

So we got talking..well as she told me she was the only daughter of her parents amongst three elder brothers.two already married and she was an Igbo girl…the type my mom warned me she always said holding her ears desmond stay away from Igbo girls o..don’t bring any Igbo gal home..I always wondered why buh there are some questions best left unanswered

So Eva was from Enugu..and she had never to her hometown before from our talk and gist i realised we had a lot of things in common

We both loved reading novels, we both played the keyboard and all sha…this only attracted me to her the more and more
At the closing hours of school we walked home together.I then  realised we lived on the same street and her house was just like two blocks away from mine. We walked to her house and well we talked a little more about how we should go to school together the next day the we said bye and before she left she gave me a long hug and a light peck on my cheek…I was perplexed that was my first hug from a gal…I was lost in the clouds her lips were warm and soft I thought…she brought me back from my deep thoughts by tapping my cheek then she told me she was grateful for me helping her adjust in the class 
Well I just nodded my heart jumping up and down I was feeling so happy butterflies in my stomach she then waved me bye and walked into her gate …myheart still racing that was the first time I got hugged by a girl starting from primary 4 all the girls i had liked always kept their distance..I was feeling so happy I started hopping down the street towards my house oh my God I was in love


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