conspiracy theory(America’s current election)…by Desmond

Well today  I will like to share something I think we should all try to investigate

This is about on-going US presidential election as we all know the two contenders are Donald trump(republican) and Hillary Clinton (democrat)

Well from my research and observation  I realised that there is/was something fishy

From the on-set Donald and Hillary have been close friends as well as family friends

So why will they contest against each other??

From my perspective and view I see that Donald is there to make Hillary win or ….was until he realised he could actually win and decided to be focused.
If you noticed carefully you will observe that at the beginning of the brawl between these two contenders  Donald was always making a fool of himself

  • Another point is …if you look up Donald’s history you will realise he was a(Democrat) 

He also financed part of Hillary’s Campaign and all

I’m not directly saying this is the truth …as the heading says it is just a theory so investigate and tell me what you think in the comment box below👇👇
Lastly follow for more update of quality information


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