adventures of corper john…by felnino prt9&10

​Part 9

Chief Dotmann woke up around 10 am, he felt

satisfied, the lady who he slept with had left him in

bed, he had met her in a night club, from there

they drove to his apartment in Lagos, he

remembered the instructions given to him by the

native doctor, he had chewed the green kolanut

before sleeping with the woman, now it was time

for him to chew the red one, he pulled the drawer

beside his bed and brought out the red kolanut, he

chewed it immediately, now the process was

complete, the woman’s spirit would bring him more

money, but she would die any moment after 24

hours, now he could do away with his range rover

and buy something better, he picked his phone to

call Ijeoma, he hoped she had completed the job,

Ijeoma’s phone rang several times but no one

picked It, he prayed all was well, Ijeoma never

wasted time picking his calls, he stood up and went

into the bathroom …………………………………………………

Nelson picked his phone up and tried dialling Peter

Adeboye’s number again, still it was switched off he

sat down on the couch and looked at John, suddenly

an idea came to his mind, why hadn’t he thought of

it? He suddenly remembered that he had helped

Peter install a police tracker inside his car, he still

had the details of the tracker inside his laptop, he

picked up his phone and called the specialist who

helps him install trackers into police vehicles,

within 15 minutes the man got to his house, Nelson

gave him the details and he didn’t use up to 5

minutes before he located the car, it was about

12,000 metres away from their current location,

Nelson picked up his phone and called all his men,

they were going for a serious mission, John and his

friends offered to come, Nelson didn’t like the idea

but he said they could follow him under the

condition that they were going to remain in the car,

they all agreed, Nelson’s men didn’t take long to

arrive, John and his friends entered the DPO’s car,

they then set out on their mission, Nelson’s phone

rang and he picked it, one of his men called to

inform him that after further torture the suspect

had confessed that she was sent by chief Dotmann,

Nelson thanked his man for the good job and ended

the call, he put two and two together, now he knew

why Chief Dotmann was absent, that was a business

for another day, right now they had to find his

friend ………………………………………………… Peter

Adeboye was no more lonely in the dungeon, his

captives had brought in more people, five more

people to be precise, four men and one woman,

the men were also unclad and had their hair

shaved, he was shy being Unclad in front of

strangers but he knew he would have to get used to

it ………………………………………… The tracking specialist

whose name was Promise was the one directing the

police convoy, he was also in Nelson’s car which was

the car that led the way, he told the driver to stop

the car, he looked at his laptop and told the driver

to take the next turn on the right which he did,

soon they were off the tarred road, following the

map on his laptop, he directed them through

different turns, John thought the road felt familiar,

it felt just like the road the kidnappers took them

through, Joy and TJ also said the same thing, they

made this known to Nelson, Nelson knew it had to

be the kidnappers, Promise informed them that

they were 1500 metres away from the cars

location, Nelson ordered his driver to stop, now

they had to continue on foot, Nelson went to the

back of his car and picked a bullet proof vest from

the trunk, he ordered his men to remember to

wear their vest and make no noise as they moved,

he told John and his friends to remain in his car no

matter what happens, so Nelson and his 24 man

squad walked for about 1400 metres when Nelson

spotted Peter’s car parked in front of an

uncompleted building, Bison’s building, he split his

men into three and ordered them to surround the

building, Nelson took one last look at his AK 47,

they were going in hot Kemi had finished preparing

for work, her daughter Lisa was still sleeping, Lisa

had just come home from a party that she went to

the previous night, Kemi didn’t bother to disturb

her, she picked up her car key and went outside to

her car, she started the engine and set off for work,

she remembered her husband, she picked up her

phone and dialled his number, it was switched off,

she hissed, why was she even bothering herself, she

got to the traffic light, it was already on red so she

stopped, she remembered her sweet experience in

the hands of chief, she smiled to herself, soon all

chief’s wealth would be hers, all she needed was 24

hours, before the balm that baba gave her would

take effect, she had rubbed the balm on her laps

before going to the club, baba had instructed her

that any man she slept with after she had rubbed

the balm on her laps would be under her control,

the traffic light went from red to yellow and finally

green, she drove off and continued her journey to

the office ……………………………… John, Joy, TJ and

Promise sat in the car, alongside Nelson’s driver,

John was deep in thought, he hoped his father

would be found, alive, and with all his body parts

complete, Joy kissed him on the cheeks and told

him all would be fine, John looked at Joy, if he was

in the mood he would have kissed her small inviting

pink lips, but he was not in the mood, all he could

think of now was how his father was going to be

rescued ………………………… Peter was half asleep

when the dungeon door was opened, two men

came inside and released him from his chains, they

then pulled him up and dragged him out of the

dungeon, they then locked the dungeon door back,

they forced him through a long dark corridor and

they turned left, Peter knew there was trouble

immediately, a left turn was not a good sign, was

this how his life was going to end? Bison stood in

the slaughter room waiting impatiently, they should

have brought the man here already, he didn’t know

what was taking them long ………… Nelson took a

deep breath, it had been quite a while that he had

been on a mission, in fact he shouldn’t be here, but

he was here because his friends life was in danger

and whoever was responsible was going to pay

dearly, on a normal mission, his men would have

handled it alone, but this was no ordinary mission,

these kidnappers had threatened his Job and his

friend’s life, using his radio he told the other two

groups to attack on his count, 3, 2, 1 the three

groups attacked at once ……………………………………

Bison took a machete from a corner, he was going

to behead this one himself, two men held Peter’s

hands and legs and placed his head on a flat rock,

Peter tried to struggle but he could not free

himself, he said his last prayers, Bison raised his

machete ready to behead the man before him

…………………… the people in the dungeon heard a

cry of pain from an area of the building, they now

knew why they were kidnapped..
Part 10

Blood splashed on Bison’s hand, he could not

believe what he just saw, he looked through the

tiny window of the slaughter room and saw about 8

police men advancing towards the building, they

were armed with guns, and one of them who had

probably seen his man holding a gun had shot him

in the arm, Bison looked at the machete in his

hand, he looked at Peter, Bison knew he had to

escape, that was the most important thing now, he

raised an alarm to inform his men that they were

under attack, Bison’s men went to the arsenal and

carried guns and hand thrown grenades, they then

went to confront the police, they marched out of

the building and planned to surround the building

and defend themselves, but as they were marching

out those that were in front faced the wrath of the

AK 47 as the police shot at their direction

mercilessly, they all managed to get out of the

building as some of them passed through the

window, they formed a circle around the building

and shot at the police, one of the kidnappers

carried a grenade and removed It’s cork, he then

threw it at the first group of police, as the police

saw it coming, they didn’t need to ask Google what

it was or what to do before they split for their dear

lives, the grenade exploded within four seconds as

It’s sound echoed through the forest …………………

John felt uncomfortable as he heard the loud noise,

he tried to figure out what it was, it was either a

grenade or a car had just exploded, but he had not

seen the police carry grenades, he relaxed and

assured himself that the police would triumph, 15

seconds later they heard another explosion, John

could not take it anymore, he got down from the

car and went to the trunk, what are you trying to

do? Joy asked him, what does it look like? He

replied, I can’t just sit here while my dad’s life is in

danger, I’m with you bro, TJ said as he also got

down from the car and went to the trunk, Promise

offered to help to as he got down from the car,

Promise was an ex-soldier, he was dismissed from

the army when he was caught hacking into one of

their computers, it had been long, he thought to

himself, now he needed to feel the moment again,

John handed TJ and Promise a vest each and gave

them guns, AK 47 to be precise, Promise taught

them how to reload the guns as they were probably

novices, they looked at the way Promise talked and

knew he had experience, they nodded their heads

in understanding when he had finished talking, John

went to the window side and kissed Joy

passionately, they might he seeing each other for

the last time, John wore his bullet proof vest, and

he, TJ and Promise left Joy and the driver alone in

the car, Promise me you’ll be back Joy shouted to

John, John didn’t reply, he wasn’t ready to make any

Promise he couldn’t keep………………………………………

Nelson and his men were still at battle, he had lost

2 men from his group but he didn’t know about the

others, he cocked him gun and shot at three

kidnappers killing them instantly as he still lay on

the floor with his men, the battle continued

……………………The people in the dungeon were

happy and scared, at last the police had come to

their rescue …………………… a few metres away Peter

laid low on the floor as he heard gunshots, his heart

was Still beating because few minutes ago he was

about to be beheaded like a bull in the abattoir, he

slowly crawled away from the slaughter room and

back to the corridor, he saw a pair of trousers

hanged on a window, he didn’t need to write a

letter of permission before he took it and wore it

while sitting ………………………… Bison went to his

room in the building, he brought a box from under

the bed and opened it, it contained a pair of police

uniform, he had always prepared for this day, he

put on the uniform and carried a gun, he then

sneaked out through the back door

……………………………………John and Co had jogged

through the distance, they were now at the battle

scene, John looked to his right and saw a police

officer coming out through the back door of the

building, the police officer was making suspicious

movements, John looked at his face and recognized

him instantly, it was one of the kidnappers, the one

who dropped the key, the one who ordered men

around, the police officer now increased his pace,

John told Promise and TJ to carry on as he went

after Bison ……………………… All the men in Nelson’s

group were nowhere to be found, he raised his

head to get a proper view when a bullet hit him in

the chest, he laid down in pain, the bullet had hit

his chest but he still felt the pain, suddenly a

kidnapper stood before him and aimed his gun at

him, the kidnapper pulled the trigger but the gun

clicked empty, he was out of ammo, the kidnapper

quickly reloaded his gun and aimed it at Nelson

again, Nelson swallowed his spit, he was face to face

with death …

Suddenly three bullets pierced the kidnapper’s

chest before he could pull the trigger, Nelson

managed to look back and saw Promise with a gun,

Nelson felt relieved, Promise had just saved his

life, Promise advanced to where Nelson was and

dragged him to safety with one hand like soldiers

do while he held the gun in his other hand, when

they reached a safe place, Nelson tried to stand up,

he looked into Promise’s eyes and said thank you, I

hope John didn’t come with you? Nelson asked, the

poor boy couldn’t just sit and watch Promise

answered him, Promise was right but Nelson didn’t

want John getting into

trouble……………………………………………………. TJ was

not used to handling guns but he knew that once he

pulled the trigger bullets would come out of the

gun, he remembered how he used to play COD (Call

Of Duty), an action video game, he lay on the floor

and aimed, he took his first shot at a kidnapper and

missed, then he took two more and he got a

kidnapper in the arm, suddenly a soldier jumped

over him followed by more soldiers, soon up to 20

soldiers arrived at the scene and took control of the

situation, Nelson was impressed from where he

stood, he had told one of his men to go back and

tell the soldiers that they had an emergency before

they even started the attack on the kidnappers, and

within 30 minutes the soldiers had arrived, the

soldiers came with more sophisticated weapons,

the enemy were falling like bowling pins, Nelson

looked on in amazement, the soldiers had better

strategies than the police, within 10 minutes they

had already got very close to the building, they

rounded up 5 kidnappers and marched them out,

the soldiers also came out with the hostages, one of

them wore only boxers, they still had chains

dangling from their hands and feet, the soldiers had

used their guns to break the chains, Nelson counted

five people but he could not see Peter among

them, he waited in anticipation for Peter to come

out from the building, suddenly he saw a man

wearing only trousers jumping through the window,

the man stood up and ran with his hands up towards

where the soldiers were, Nelson did not need to

ask Google who it was, still feeling pains in his

chest, Nelson ran towards Peter as if Peter was a

goal keeper who had saved the last penalty in a

penalty shoot-out, Peter was scared at first when he

saw a police officer running towards him, he raised

up his hands the more and said please o! please!

I’m not among them o! He took a closer look at the

person running towards him, Nelsonnnnnnnnn!

Peter shouted he ran towards Nelson, the two

friends hugged themselves as everybody looked

on……………………………………………….. John had been

running after Bison for 7 minutes, Bison had no

idea anyone was after him, John started getting

tired, he went down on his knees and aimed, boom!

The first shot got Bison in his left buttocks, Bison

fell to the ground and tried to stand up again, as he

stood up John gave it another shot, this time he got

Bison’s right lap, Nelson walked tiredly to where

bison was and knocked him out with the end of his

gun, John didn’t know where the strength came

from, he pulled Bison by the leg back the way they

came………………………………………… Nelson and Peter

were under a tree, Nelson told Peter that John was

alive, but he doesn’t know his whereabout, Nelson

feared that John had been shot among the police

officers, they started searching among the dead

police and kidnappers on the ground, Peter’s heart

was heavy, TJ knew John was not among the dead

people on the floor because he saw him go after a

man dressed in police uniform, as TJ opened his

mouth to speak, he sighted John coming out of the

woods with a man on his shoulder, there TJ said as

Nelson and Peter looked in the direction where TJ

pointed, they all ran towards John as he dropped

they man he was carrying on the floor, John ran and

hugged his father, Nelson inspected the man John

dropped, it was Chike Uche also known as Bison, he

was wanted for the murder of his

wife………………………………………. 15 police officers

and 17 kidnappers were killed, 5 police officers

were injured and 3 kidnappers were injured, a

police officer read out the stats for Nelson as they

were going back to where their cars were parked,

they walked for 1500 metres before they finally

reached where their cars were parked, John could

not wait to see Joy, he walked elegantly like a

soldier who had come back from war triumphant,

Nelson looked forward, he could not believe his

eyes, his car windshield was broken and blood had

splattered on the front seat, the driver, lifeless, had

his head on the horn as the horn sounded

continuously, John immediately ran to check on

Joy, nooooo! He shouted, Joy had been shot in the

chest, he looked at her face and said don’t leave

me, It’s gonna be alright, Nelson looked away, one

of the kidnappers who probably escaped had shot

Joy and his driver, Joy managed to look at John, I

love you, she said slowly and she died, John cried

like he had never cried before, TJ came to console

him, it was then John remembered, he

immediately reached into his empty wallet and

brought the Pearl out, it was around the size of his

thumb, and transparent, he looked at it

desperately, he remembered the instruction the

mermaid gave him, it was his only hope..


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