adventures of corper john by felnino…prt 1 contnd

​his help and prayed for him. Joy knew a trustworthy guy when she saw one and to her John would be trustworthy, she had only seen hima few times around camp but there was something about him that interested her, after being cheated on by her ex boyfriend, Joy decided that she wasdone with Nigerian men but maybe John was an exception. TJ was glad he was returning home, home for him meant he could go out with his father’s cars, go clubbing, bring home girls and move at hisown free will, he remembered his ordeal with different girls with different sizes, shapes and skin colour, he was a player unlike his friend John, he felt sorry for John who didn’t really know what fun was like, his attention was drawn back by the screams of the people in the bus, when helooked to see what was happening TJ said“oh d##n ” because trouble was ahead of them Right in front of them stood six men armed men, the driver thought about making a run for it but thought again whenhe saw a plank full of nails right In front of him, he had no option but to stop the bus, the armed men ordered them all out of thebus, and asked them to drop all their valuables and money, the passengers immediately began to comply, the only thing John could think of at that moment was the safety of Joy, he hoped the men would do nothing more than collect their money and leave them alone but he was wrong, the woman who had an asthma attack earlier suddenly fainted, no one dared go to her aid, the leader of the armed men ordered the corpers and four other passengers into the bus where they were blindfolded, the next thing John heard was gunshots as the remaining passengers were killed in cold blood, the driver of the bus tried to escape but got six bullets into his back as a result of his action, the men then got into the bus and drove off, John’s heart started to beat fast he was half glad that Joy and TJ were in the bus with him, though he didn’t know this men but he knew one thing about them “don’t mess with them “, TJ had his heart in his mouth, he had never had a gunpointed at him before, he didn’t know where these men were taking them to but he knew it could not be good….End of Episode1


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