Life in pastor’s house Final episode

​I was sweating profusely,,I was no longer myself anymore,,I just stared at mark’s corpse,,Christine and hannah suddenly barged inside,,I turned back to see them standing right behind the opened door,,they seems not to able to move as their leg glued to the floor,,I can see they are staring at the blood-stained knife in my hand and tears like river flowing down christine’s cheek..Hannah immediatelyran towards mark’s corpse crying heavily,,I know I can’t be forgiven..Christine: Did you…I just stared agape with tears in my eyes,,christine walked closer to me and softly punching my chest..the blood-stained knife dropped from my hand,,I wished the floor had swallowedme,,I just kept muted and was just staring at crying christine..Christine: You have to go now before the police arrive,,Me: No,,I killed someone and I’ll accept the punishment…I fell to my kneelMe: Christine,,Am sorry,,please forgive me..She covered her face as she sobbed heavily,,I was like this when three police enter..Police officer: Madam,,what’s happening here? *refferring to christine*She failed to reply,,the police officer walked pass us to check the corpse,,Police officer: isn’t this mark,the notorious drug dealer we have been looking for?**referring to his surbordinates**A subordinate came closerSubordinate: Yes he is,..Police officer: But how come he is dead? **reffering to hannah**She failed to reply,,but the police officer is a smart one as he picked up the blood-stained knife..Police officer: It seems someone killedhim,,arrest them all *refferring to other*Me: No,,I killed him,,so leave them alone..I was arrested and after spending a day in the cell,,I was moved to court toface the judgement..After hearing what both lawyers have to say, I was sentenced to death by hanging,,I was moved to a place where I was told to stand on a small box and my neck wasplaced on a rope covering my entire head with a cloth..”Remove the box” a police officer shouted…its fading,its fading..”Wake up jason” I heard my friend justice shouting..chaiii,,I woke up to see myself on a local hospital bed,,so it was all a dream,,val,josh,christine,hannah,mike and them all are not real..I just finish my nysc,,my mother is a corn seller and I have no father,,my father divorced my mother when I was in age two,,my mother sent me on an errand but I was hit by a car and fainted,that was when my dream started…chaiiii,,so I was dreaming…Justice: Oh boy,,I think say you don die..You have been out for six hours now,,and I have a goodnews for you..Me: What?Justice: That period you passed out,,your phone rang,,and it was a message from yale foods company says you should come for interview tomorrow..Me: What?..*I jumped up*..I later leave the ward with justice and head home,,I called mum to informed her I have left the hospital..I sat on thefloor in the sitting room Watching news on our small tv..then I see “Agent valentine and clara, governor’s daughter are getting married tomorrow”,,I saw val picture gbagada..Me: Val? Governor’s daughter? How come,val that can’t even toast eva..*i started laughing while justice just stared at me,I knew he thought am Mad*The news continued..”Anini and his gang has been arrested and anini facehas finally been revealed”,they showed Ayis pictureMe: Ayis,,you finally became an arm robber after Impregnating julia *i nodded my head*Justice: Guy hope say you no mad?Me: *finally came back to my senses* no jarwe..Justice finally left for his house,,I sleptoff and woke up early,,I bath quickly and claded in a black trouser,pink shirtand black blazers..I told mum about it and she was so happy..I later head to the company..I entered the company,,and I was directed to general manager’s office..I entered to see the suprise of my life,,who is this am seeing..christine?..I Just stared at her as she also stand up and stared back..Me: Chris..tine?Her: How did you know my name?Woooow..atlast,,I finally met my christine in real. Life…THE END

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One Response to Life in pastor’s house Final episode

  1. lucibells says:

    Jeez that was close… Nice,… So he didn’t kill anyone Afterall… Whew,


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