life in pastor’s house episode 9

​My life in pastor’s houseEpisode 9Nextday was sunday,the service went well. I still saw josh and christine after the church talking,I was very jealous but I pretended not to see them.I got to school early on monday,I sat down in the class and revise what corper zina taught me because we are having english first and she planned to give us test. After the assembly corper zina enter the class,oh I was sitting with zainab this time. Corper zina had this “am suspecting you two”look clearly shown on her face.She gave us the test,I never knew zainab was so brilliant as she scored more than joyce. I scored 19/20,joyce scored 16/20 while zainab scored 18/20.I was so surprise,corper zina later called me asking me if I showed her my script but I told her I didn’t,she was also surprise. Later in the breaktimeZainab: Am hungry,what should i get for youMe: Chilled youghurt and biscuit will doShe went out while I sat alone in the class. Hannah enter suddenly and walk toward where I was sitting.Hannah: You thought you could be bleeping all girlsMe: I don’t understandHannah: **locked my shirt** you thought I didn’t caught you and christine. I was looking for you that day,I heard christine moaning,I had to peep,I saw you squezing my on sister’s boob,I had to run back. Am here to wArn you,stay away from my sister.I just stared agape,she left me not after hissing. Zainab later enter.Zainab: what’s with this your mood.Me: NothingA small girl which I guess she is in jss1 enter and came to me.The girl: Senior christine said you should meet her in the labMe: okayI stand up and went to the lab,christine sat down with her head placed on the table.Her two friends(monica and Dorcas) stayed beside her. I really hate that monica,she was so arrogant,though she is beautiful choco in complexion but not as beautiful as dorcas with herevelyn like(intermission) a-s.Monica: she said she only wants you to stay with her,she is ill and has been vomitting since morning.Dorcas: *smiled and winked at me to goto christine* we should leave MonicaThey both left,I sat beside christine.Me: what’s wrong senior girl *i teased*Christine: **raised her head** its just an headacheMe: just?..I held her hand and pulled her head towards my shoulder.She then placed her head on my shoulder with our hands locked. I later decided to fed her food which was placed on the table,she ate small and placed her head on my shoulder holding my right hand.Christine: I love it like thisMe: *smiled*deep down in my heart I know I have fallen for her. Don’t know what got over me,I kissed her in the forehead stroking her medium hair with my left hand. Someone entered suddenly,oh itwas josh(he is the senior boy),he pulled me up locking my shirt,I know he is gonna kill me but fortunately my saviour corper zina entered.Corper zina: What’s all this about? Whyare you locking his shirt?He leave me and had this “you a dead meat look”. Powerless christine just try to settle the fight when josh gave her a hot slap which made her fell on the floor. He stormed outside in anger.Corper zina: Arrogant boy,I really hate himI ran and lifted christine up. I hate that josh,why is he angry,he thought I didn’t saw him kissing monica at the back of the lab yesterday?..Corper zina: what happened hereMe: *i explained excluding the part that we did like a new married couple*Corper zina: I’ll make sure to deal with him. *she angrily walked out*Dealing with josh won’t help as his other gang will be after me(sonshine,kendrick,james and ayis). I so much fear that ayis,he had this scary look on his face. I should tell corper zina to just leave him be………TBC


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