life in pastors house episode 5

​My life in pastor’s houseEpisode 5I smiled and saved it as “Jane” I was about messaging her when I saw her typing. Following conversations ensued:Janet: Handsome lazy boyMe: Miss beautyJanet: your girlfriend is here,she is back from church and actually searching for youMe: who?Janet: Hannah,she speaks highly of you,she told me you two were dating.Me: *i don’t wanna embarrass her* Dating?.,oh sure.Janet: Okay *offline*Is she jealous or what?. I quickly went downstairs as to avoid her from entering my room. I sat down while she sat with me.Hannah: I want to sleep your room tonightChristine: You joking right? Dad is coming home,don’t you knowJanet just frown,her eyes glued to her phone screeenMe: My room ke,lailai,not possible oHannah: Am going to sleep with you tonightMe: Stop the joke,you can’t *i nearly shouted*Hannah: You hate me abi*she started all this spoilt child crying*Me: Not that I hate yo…(Cut in)Hannah: Oya kiss me on my cheek andI won’t sleep in your room anymore also am going to believe you never hate me.I looked at christine face,she faked a smile. I look at jane face,not smiling. Before I knew it,she kissed my lip.Hannah: Wow so sweetChristine: I should leave you husband and wifeJanet: Wanna sleep guysHannah: now its me and youShe took my left hand and placed it onher lap. Oh god my d–k is about bursting. She shifted my hand slowly under skirt and say “surprise,am not wearing pant”. I gathered all my power to remove my handMe: Am sorry I can’t do this,I wanna sleepHannah: jason just tonight,I have beendreaming about u,about us. PleaseI retired to my room without saying anything. I checked my what’sapp message to see”I can see you a bad boy” from christine. I tried to message her several times but she failed to reply. “F–k you” I murmured and fell to sleep.I woke up the nextday,oh today is sunday,I hate sunday chaii. I checked the time “8:05”. I quickly brushed my teeth and clad in my ankara,I sprayed perfume all over my body *lol*. I went downstairs to see dem three girls waiting for me. Oh boy,this janet too beautiful. I can’t stop staring. We later head to church,the service went well. I stepped outside of the church just to wait for them girls,mike called my name. Mike is the elder brother of dorothy.Mike: JasonMe: Hey mike,how are you doing?Mike: Am good,guy Let’s talk. Dorothy told me you never speak to her again and even not answering her call,she cried so much yesterday. She told me she seduced you and made you loss your virginity,she was so sorry. Did you know you also disvirgined her?Me: hen? Am deadMike: Its nothing,she is haPpy you are the one. She want to see you,she is at the back of the church waiting for you.I went there, She run towards me the moment she sees me. Hmmm,she was looking more gorgeous.Dorothy: You know,am sorry jason.Me: Not your fault dorothy,I should be the one apologizing.Dorothy: Should I come over to your house.Me: I am now living with pastor donald,my dad pushed me there.Dorothy: With those girls? *her mood changed,but weytin concern me*Me: I have nothing to do with them,they my friends that’s all.But are they really my friends?..if christine and janet are my friends? WhAt about hannah..Lord knows what I’ll do if I continue living in that house

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