life in pastor’s house episode 6

​My life in my pastor’s houseEpisode 6The next day was monday,I went to school early. The environments were so dirty. Christine started picking juniors to pick the dirts,she has never picked me but I was so surprise when she called my name and left val behind. “What’s with this girl” is the thought running through my mind. After assembly,we settled down in the class,I decided to sit beside val and begged joyce to sit beside hannah cozjoyce was the one sitting beside val.Suddenly,principal enter with a girl with hijab. Oh men I have never seen an ugly muslim girl,all of them are pretty,she was a bit taller than me and was so pretty. Oh boy if you see weytin this girl carry,val nearly licked his black lip to pink.”Introduce your self” principal said“Am Khaleed Zainab” she said with hersweet thin voice,I guess she is a singer.Val: Oh boy,I go toast this girl after today’s lesson oMe: Bad boy,make we go together na. Atleast she may agree if she see an handsome boy with you.Val: Normal normal gimme fiveI informed hannah I’ll be going to val’s house. After the closing time. We followed zainab to one bustop,who knows who and what she is waiting for. We decided to walk nearer.Val: Hi prettyZainab: HiVal: Wanna talk to you,can I?Zainab: No you can’t unless you asking for troubleMe: Trouble? **i laugh**Zainab: **she smiled** its better you leave nowVal: Just gimme 5minutesZainab: Owkay am hearing youVal explained his self but this girl bursted to laughterZainab: You are not my type*i just stare at them both*Val: *became angry* who are you sef. B—h trying to be normal personZainab: *she slapped val,paah* who are you calling b—h.Val: If dem born ur father wella slap me againZainab: *so angry* you know my dadVal: Who is your daddy?Me: Is it chairman or is it an alhaji?We both laugh out loud,she gave val another hot slap which he returns withfull force. Suddenly a car parked beside us,three soldiers alighted pointing their gun at us. “If you run,I will shoot you” one of them said. “Madam are you okay?” One of them said referring to zainab that is holding her cheek on the floor. We were given five hot slaps and countless kicks before they pushed us in the car and drove us away. They drove us to there barrack,oh boy,they pushed us down and ask us to kneel down.One of themqiuckly opened the door for zainab,shealighted from the car smiling,she walk towards us.Zainab: My dad is not a chairman or analhaji but a soldier.Val and I: Yeeeeh *we shouted*I saw a man walking toward where we are. He was not that old but I guess heis in his early forties,there are three soldiers following him. He finally reached where we are.Zainab’s dad: Zainab I heard they slapped you?Zainab: Yes both of them *crying and showing him her red cheek*Na only val nah,I don dieZainab’s dad: You dare slapped my daughter and you think you will just goscot free?,am gonna teach you a very great lesson today.I have already wet my pant,I knew my life will be ruined by those soldiers belt.Zainab’s dad: Move them in and give them 60 strokesVal: Haaaa,ori iya mi elekoMe: yeeeeeh,I don die ooo..Suddenly,a man drove in the barrack,he is having my dad like car with same colour,he alighted from the car,lo and behold it was my dad.My dad: Jason,val what are you two doing hereZainab’s dad: You know them? They slapped my precious daughter.My dad: Jason is that true?Me: She slapped us first sirMy dad: *referring to zainab’s dad* don’t you recognise your son again khaleed. This is jason my son,the one you travelled to london with when he was so young.Zainab’s dad: Jason? *he walks towards me and lifted me up,he hugged me* look at my boy,you’ve turned big boy. Leave them alone,you can go *referring to the soldiers*I was so happy. I walk up to angry zainabMe: we are very sorry okay?Zainab: okay,am okayshe angrily went inside and i decided to follow her. We later became friends before my dad decided to leave and we followed him not after getting zainab’s number.Zainab beauty has blinded me that I have forgotten that I’ll have to face another problem. My dad’s problem,this time he won’t forgive me.Never.


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