Life in pastor’s house episode 20

​I told christine..we both dressed after bathing together and head to church,,after the service we then head to dorothy’s house..she sat on the sofa looking very weak…but to my surprise Eva was also there…Mike stands at the back of the sofa which dorothy was sitting,,He stood there just looking like a murderer…I and christine sat beside dorothy..I looked at mike murderously and he stared away….I then turned my face to weak dorothy…Me: Have you eaten?Dorothy: Have taken some food..Me: That’s good…Christine: Where is your dad and mum?Dorothy: They just went out now to visit someoneChristine: We are just coming from church now,,we have to see you because we are worried..Are you reallyokay now?Dorothy: Yes…..**tears trickle down to her cheek**Me: What is it? **i held her hand**Dorothy: You both look good together,,you will make a nice couple,,you and christine…I was just forcing myself on you,,I wish you be mine,,but now I can’t have you again..**she covered her face with her palm**I faced another direction to see eva looking at me with red eyes,,suddenly she stand up,walked towards me and grabbed my hand,,she dragged me outside…Eva: You and christine,,,what’s between you two?Me: look eva,,christine is the one I lovenot you,,am very sorry **i made to leave when she held me back**Eva: look into my eyes and tell me you don’t love me…Me: That’s the truth eva…I don’t love you **i faced down**She cried and angrily went home..**weytin be my concern**..Mikemet me there…Mike: Jason,,am sorry,,yo,,u..know..Me: Its okay…Mike: The truth is,,I added some drugs that will abort her pregnancy to her tea,,,I nearly killed my own sister,,I wasso stupid,,I just don’t know how to tell herMe: It will be better if you don’t…don’t worry your secret is safe..Mike: Thank you soo muchLater in the nightI was in my room with christine and hannah waiting for mark to fall to our trap,,,I later got a message from janet says “its done”..We all ran out so happy mark fell to the trap,,we rushed inside janet room but to our suprise janet was on the floor rolling from one angle to another holding her stomach,,I can see blood dripping down her leg,,Christine: Janet *she shouted and rushed to her*Janet: **stammering** I..don’ what’s to me **she fainted**I hurriedly carry her,,but where is hannah?,,I rushed out with very great speed with christine running-crying after me..I dashed downstairs to see hannah shouting on mark but mark just sit on the sofa with his eyes gluedto the football match he was watching,probably ignoring hannah,,,,I have no time,,I called the driver and wecarried janet to the hospital,,doctor pleaded to us to wait outside..About 20minutes later doctor came outside wiping his sweats..Me: How is she?Doctor: We lose her *he walked away*I fell to my kneel,,drown in the ocean of thoughts..our stupid plan killed her…..I stayed at the hospital till the morningwith one aim “kill mark”..I left the hospital with christine..getting home we saw nobody in the sitting room,,we quickly rushed to hannah’s room,,Her hand and leg were both tied and her mouth was sealed with plaster,,I quickly removed the plaster and untied her,,Me: Where is he?Hannah: In his room preparing to run awayI rushed downstairs leaving christine and hannah behind,,I went to the kitchen and grabbed a kitchen knife,,I dashed upstairs and straight to mark’sroom,,I saw him dressing hurriedly,,I gave him no opportunity to talk,,I stabbed him in his heart and he fell in the pool of blood,,then I came to my senses and realise what I have done,,I murdered someone…am really a dead meat…..#sad
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LIVE!!! LOVE!!! LAUGH!!! life is just too short to be sad #wink
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