life in pastor’s house episode 19

​We got home late in the night,,hannah was pacing around the sitting with herphone in her hand,,Me: Are you waiting for us?Hannah: I was wondering where you took my sister to,,don’t tell me you two….(She winks)Christine: Naughty girl,,shut up joor*she smiled while I laughed*Chrstine grabbed my hand and we went to my room….we sat on the bed,,she still holding my hand **make she forget,am not bleeping again o**….Me: There is something I want to tell you but you won’t believe if you don’t find out yourself…Christine: What is that?I was about talking when my phone beeped message says **can you please meet me in my room?** from janet..I showed christine and we went together…Janet was only wearing her night gown,,she sat on her bed crying…Me: JanetChristine: What happened?Me: Janet I think we will have to let herknow…Janet: Okay,,Me: You explained she won’t believe meJanet: **she explained everything**Christine: You mean that’s why I saw you two in jason’s room?Janet: yesChristine: Are you for real? I just don’t*stammering* mark is raping you?Janet: Yes,,and I told jason the truth,,am just a no cousin…..Jason,i have done it*referringto me*Me: Done what?Janet: I have aborted the pregnancy,,doctor said i cannever concieve again *she bursted to tears*Christine: I’ll make sure mark pay for this,,She stood up in anger and I held her back,,Me: You shoudnt rush…Hannah stormed in,,,Hannah: I have been eavesdropping,,my brother raped you and he also made you abort your pregnancy?Janet: Yes….Hannah: Is he out of his mind?…*sighed* look janet,,am very sorry….Christine: We should report to the policeMe: you will report your own brother?Hannah: We were born by same mother but different father….Janet: What did you mean?Christine: mum first husband which died of heart attack is mark’s father,,and mum died last year of cancer…mark is now an orphan,guess that’s why he is turned to monsterMe: How do we report to police without any evidence?Hannah: That’s true…..Christine: I guess I have an idea,,but don’t know if janet will be okay with it…..Janet: let’s hear….Christine: If he know you have aborted the pregnancy he will come demanding for s-x,,,then you will set a camera wh….(I cut in)Me: We should find better solution..Janet: No,,I’ll do it….Let’s follow christine’s plan…Me: Okay no problem,,,We decided to carry out our plan on monday and today is saturday,,only a day left..we later left janet alone to rest,,hannah went to her room,,christine followed me to my room….I changed to my night wear andsat on my bed with christine…Me: You don’t need to apologize for what you don’t know,,its okay…Christine: How did you I want to apologize?Me: Don’t doubt me,,I knew everything about you **i stared at my phone like I don’t mean what am saying**Christine: Everything about me?,,,okay what did I love to do most?Me: Love to read,watch films and play…Christine: *laughs* you are so wrong,,,what I love to do….**shifted closer to me**,,,I love to kiss your lips…We engage in a kiss that I wish it lasted forever,,I found my self laid on the bed and christine ontop me still kissing me,,,….I woke up the nextday,but christine was not in the room anymore,,I guess she went to kitchen,,,I went downstairs,enter the kitchen,,she was backing me so I tiptoed and hugged her from the back,,we stayed like that for almost 3minutes and we disengaed when we heard someone clearing throats,,I turned to see josh….I was so scared,,He is gonna kill me…but why ishe smiling?Me: Josh,,Josh: You two will make a nice couple**clears throat again**…where is hannah?Christine: Upstairs…What? Josh and hannah are dating?….my phone beeped,,who is this gan early in the morning when am having a nice time with my love…I hissed and check the message it says….”Dorothy has regained consciousness,she is been discharged” from mike… that’s goodnews….WHEREAS I DONT KNOW TROUBLE IS HEADING MY WAY

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