life in pastor’s house episode 17

​I woke up around 8am,,I decided to check on my love “christine”,,she was still sleeping innocently like a new born baby..I smiled and turned back toleave..Christine: You can’t greet?Me: Goodmorning ma *we both laugh*Christine: *her mood changed suddenly*,,jason we have to talk..Me: What’s on your mind?Christine: We have all what’s happening between us,,we are friends and not lover,,I hope you understand..Hearing this nearly killed me but its all truth we are not dating,,I bade her farewell,left for my room.I took my bath and head for dorothy’s house,,I have already decided to goto both of them(dorothy and corper zina),,On getting to dorothy’s house,I knocked the door and I was ushered inby mike,,dorothy was sitting on the couch probably waiting for me coz I remember informing her before coming,,Though she was beautiful andmany would kill to have her but christine is the girl I want,,..Mike: Talk to her,,she have not eaten since yesterday *whispering to me* ..I want to cook breakfast,be right back..I sat beside dorothy,I held her hand,tears rolled down her cheek,,I cleaned the tears with my hand..Me: I heard you have not eaten anything since yesterday?Dorothy: How can I eat in this situation?Me: Are you pregnant for real?Dorothy: Yes am pregnant,,,for youMe: How can I be sure the pregnancy is mine?Dorothy: You are the one to ever s-x me**she sobbed**Me: Am sorry,,but..(Mike cut in)Mike: No doubt my guy,,you are responsible for the pregnancy..Me: How can….oh God..okay no problemDorothy: Should I abort it?Me: no,never…I fed her food and later left for corper zina’s house,,I knew am not myself anymore,,I can’t afford to lose christine,,I can’t be a father now,,I knocked at corper zina’s door and she opened it after 2mins of knocking,,she only tied towel that covered her boobsto her knee,,guess she just finished bathing,,Oh boy her boobs is so much more bigger than I thought,,she caught me staring..Corper zina: what are you staring at?Me: *faced down* nothing ma,,Corper zina: She ushered me in,,I sat on the big couch while she sat beside meMe: You are not changing your cloth ma?Corper zina: oh…Let’s go inside,,so youwill be telling me all I need to know then..Thought its nothing,,I entered the room with her,, I sat on her reading chair,,She faced her mirror backing me,,she untied her towel,,I can’t help but stare at her a-s,,she turned back and sat on my lap..”So what’s betweenyou two” she asked licking her lips..she grabbed my left hand and placed it on her boobs..Me: Corper z….(She planted a kiss on my lip)Corper zina: call me zina..She grabbed my hands and sat me up,,I just followed her sheepishly,,she pushed me to her bed unbuttoning myshirt..she throw my shirt away after she successfully removed it from my body..She rubbed my chest with her lefthand loosing my belt with her right hand,,she pulled down my jean together with my boxer…Corper zina: I knew it,,I knew you did be having a great d–k..She inserted my d–k in her mouth and started sucking it..she was a great sucker..she climbed on me and started riding my d–k..>Cut the crap<…I later cumed in her mouth in the secound round of sucking and we laid on the bed very tired..Corper zina: I never knew you were this great on bed,,what’s with your mood?,,,Me: Ma I hope this never happen between us again,,,you are my mistress,,atleast I satisfied you now but I won’t another time,,am sorry…I stood up and put on my cloth…Corper zina: You shouldn’t blame yourself,,I caused it….am sorry,,I regretted seducing you but its not my fault,,I always think about were that boy am loving…….Me: Me?…(My phone beeped)Its whatsapp message from dorothy says”the truth is you are not responsible for the pregnancy”What?she mistakenly send the message right?oh am going home first,then I’ll call herI quickly bade corper zina farewell and rushed home….

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