life in pastor’s house episode 13

​Episode 13Am so brainless,,what will I tell christine that is sleeping happily on my chest,,what should I do,,I thought about this several times but I had no solution,,”I thought am a genius but I was wrong am a complete dullard” I thought to myself.I heard somebody clearing throat,,I turned back to see mark smiling and winking at me,,is it because of christine that innocently slept on my chest?,,I fake a smile,,I had to see jane,,what will I do with sleeping christine.. I carried christine to her room and placed her on her bed covering her with her blanket,,I kissed her on her forehead and was about to leave when she held my hand..Christine: please sleep with meMe: With you? Hmmmn,,am coming I’ll have to pick up my phone from my room **i lied**I walked out and head to janet room,,I knocked and with no response I enter,,janet sat on her bed weeping,,I notice how the bed was scattered,I knew mark has raped her again..I sat beside her and hugged her while she continue crying..Me: Am sorry janeJanet: He really hurt me this timeMe: You will have to leave this house,,how will he be raping his cousin,,is he insane?Janet: The truth is am no cousin,,I wasemployed here as maid,,I have no parent,,I had nowhere to go,,I would have left this God forsaken house..Me: You should inform pastor donaldJanet: pastor is no more living here with us,,he had another house..Me: **i only saw him once in this house and that’s the day I moved in** what are we going to do now?Janet: I don’t really know..Me: I have to call my sister and tell herto becarefulJanet: that will be very good.,I’ll be fine,thank you so much..I felt like crying for her,I very much pitied her,,I walked out and head to christine’s room..I saw her sitting on the bed..Me: Christine,,you are not sleeping?Christine: Waiting for you **smiling**I sat beside her,,Me: Please don’t smile around me againChristine: *frown and embarrassed* Why?Me: Coz it got me afraid if you continue I would end up in psychiatric hospitalChristine *laugh out loud* close your eyesI closed my eyes,,she later told me to open it,,I opened it to see christine notwearing any thing..Christine: Tonight is tonight,,I have made up my mind to give you my virginityI wanted to say something but nothingcame out of my mouth as I stared at her big boobs and fresh body,,nearly made me blind…she pushed me on thebed,,place her hand on my barechest and slowly shifted it to my knicker,,shepulled it down to see my d–k almost tearing my boxer,,she smiled and pulled down by boxer,,I don’t know where a virgin learn to suck,,she s—-d me up and later sat on me roding my c–k like madt,,I later changed it to doggy style and f—-d her with full force…–cut the crap–…we laid on the bed very tired and later drifted to sleepcuddling..I woke up the next morning,,she was still sleeping,,I stood up to have my bath but I saw a spilled of a blood on the bed,,I looked at sleeping christine and vow in my mind to never leave her..Yes I knew I love her even more than my mother and my sister,,may commit suicide if anything happens toher..I head to her bathroom,,entered and was having my birth when I felt a hand wrapped around me. I turned to see christine.Me: You are awakeChristine: Why don’t you wake me up,,are we not going to same school*she gave a slight slap on my chest*Me: Don’t wanna disturb youChristine: okay no problem shaWe have our bath together,,we spent much time playing in the bathroom**you know all this child play**.. We dressed and went to school..we were not too late,,I entered my class to see them all gossipping about somethingVal: Guy how farMe: padi I dey ooVal: You never hear?Me: Weytin na,,abeg ginger me ooVal: Julia,that ashawo don pregnant ooMe: **laughs** no dey joke joorVal: I swear,,hin dey with principal nao dey receive judgmentMe: pregnant for who?Val: That guy Ayis,,the one wey beat me die nahMe: *laughs* *came back to my senses* what? ayis?


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