life in pastor’s house episode 12

​My life in pastor’s houseEpisode 11Me: You see,I doubt she will ever talk to me againJanet: She will,she told me about you, she really loves you.**whispering**she also told me how you two nearly f–k. Seeing us together,she will think I betrayed her..Me: Don’t worry,I won’t tell anyone even christine,I know she will realise it not my fault oneday.Janet: sure she will…She slept on the bed while I slept on the floor…I was thinking about christine,I know she will be hurt.Suddenly Janet shouted from the sleep “help,help”..I quickly stood up and tried to calm her down.Janet: I saw him again **panting**Me: He can’t hurt you..I had to sleep with her,I cuddled her in my arm and we both drifted to wonderland. I woke up early the next day,I quickly had my bath and claded in my uniform. I got to school early,I entered the class,hannah sat quietly her eyes glued to the novel she was reading. I sat beside her….Me: Hi,goodmorning**no response**I kept quite and brought out my ijapa tiroko,I continue reading it.Hannah: Mr bleeperMe: what did you mean by that?Hannah: Its janet turn yesterdayMe: You can’t understandHannah: *frown* How can I understand,,I really love you soo muchbut I didn’t know I was loving a wrong person,,you bleeped my sister,I am sure you deflowered that innocent girl,,You are not satisfied,you still bleeped janet yesterday **shouting** I have already told my sister what’s best for her,she had to forget about you or she would be hurt till death,,fool..I tried to touch her but she slapped myhand and angrily walked out. Oh God why me. I have to beg christine,I can’t afford to lose her,she was d–n precious to me.Oh val wasn’t in school,I’ll have to check him on my way home.After the assembly,corper zina sent a girl that I should meet her in the library. Corper zina was in the library with one note placed on the table in her front,,Me: Hello maCorper zina: How are you doing?Me: Am goodCorper zina: You were not in school yesterday,what happened?Me: I fell sick but am okay now.She placed her hand on my forehead,christine entered.Christine: Ma you sent for me**no doubt,she saw corper zina placing her hand on my forehead,,she will have no hope now.**Josh: You sent for me maCorper zina: you should not be fightingyourself..Josh: **smiled** it has been settled maMe: Yes,,it has been settled **looked down**Corper zina: oh you two can go**referring to christine and josh**I looked at christine,she had a murderous look that I had to stare away…In the break time,zainab came to me.Zainab: What’s wrong with you today?Me: Nothing,going to dinning,wanna eat something…I saw christine and her two friends sitting,monica and dorcas greeted me and I responded with a fake smile..Dorcas: Come sitMe: Me? Sit?Monica: sureChristine suddenly stand and walked away,monica nodded at me to follow her. I followed her to the lab,,but to my suprise josh and his gangs were there gisting.Josh: Babe how far **referring to christine**Christine: Am fine joshJosh: Why is he **referring to me**Christine: Who is he?They all laughed,I was very hurt..I turned back to leave.Ayis: He is leaving **he laughed**I left for my class and sat alone,I was not even concentrating. I head to val’s house after the day lesson.I got there to see val sleeping on the couch with a broken arm.Me: val *i shouted*Val: Ma guy na so we see am oo,dem beat me lyk madtMe: **I explained everything that is happeninG**Val: Tell christine now,she thought youare bleeping janet…Me: its a secret…….can’t tell herVal: What are you going to do now?Me: I don’t really know but I think I’ll also be pretending not to know her though it won’t be easy but I have do it…


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