life in pastors house episode 10

​My life in pastor’s houseEpisode 10I was too late as corper zina has already informed the principal. Principal called him out and gave him the beating of his life,he had this murderous look. I know am dead,I went back to the lab to tell christine.Me: He has been punish,now he will be planning to end my life nowChristine: You have to be extra carefulMe: What’s between you and joshChristine: I was in ss1 then,my dad and I visited his parent,like you, he is the son of my father’s friend,pastor thomas. That day my dad told us we use to act as a couple when we were young,he said that jokingly but josh took it serious as he was chasing me around since that day and also threatened we must date. Am so fed up,if he sees me with a guy,he will chase them away and I don’t love him,he is just my childhood friend.Me: oh so that’s it…After the closing time,the driver came to pick christine and hannah up but I decided not to follow them.Val: Guy how far,I hear say that guy wan beat uMe: Na true o my guyVal: Make we dey go house together jarweWe made it to the bustop and decided to take a cab.Person: Hey guysI turned back to see sonshine and kendrick,at the left is ayis,james and their leader josh. I pity my friend val,does he always have to share in my wahala…We were hot slapped and forced to kneel. The gave us the beating of our life,we were rode like a horse.. They release us after beating us like a goat..We went our different path,fortunately I made it home but everything went blank immediately I entered the sittingroom.I woke up to see myself on my bed,christine, hannah and mark were therebeside me.Christine: What happened?Me: its joshChristine: That arrogant b—–d.I was left to rest,I woke up the nextdayand decided not to go school,I went downstairs to see christine sitting on the couch.Me: you didn’t goto school?Christine: Leaving you behind? I will never do thatI smiled and sat beside her. I wrapped my hand around her shoulder while she leaned on me placing her head on my chest.Christine: Are you okay now?Me: much better,atleast someone is worrying about me.Christine: *smiled* Hannah told me the truth.Me: So you now believe me?Christine: I thought you a bad boy but you a good one.Me: Hannah knew about what we……(Cut in)Christine: shhh **blocking my mouth with her two fingers* She told me but Idon’t care,all I care is **looking into my eyes,our head about to collide** you.We engAged in a passionate kiss,I don’t want it to stop again.Mark: **clears throat and we quickly disengaged** Sorry for disturbing you,am going out,wanna visit my friend **he walked out**“What’s with this guy sef” I said to myself..Later in the night,everybody retires to their room. Christine and I agree that she will come to my room. I was in my room waiting for christine when I heard a knock on my door. I thought It was christine,unlocking the door janet was standing at the door in her night gown,she quickly rushed in,I followed her and closed the door.Me: What’s wrongJanet: Please help me **crying**Me: I don’t understand you..Janet: He will come looking for me again tonight,please don’t let him hurt me againMe: I don’t understand,who is looking for you?Janet: You won’t tell anyone will you?Me: I won’t,you just have to calm down…Janet: Mark has been raping me since the day he has returned. He threatened to kill me if I tell anyone. He raped me when I was watching filmthe other day **i remember this** he has sent me a message that he will becoming to my room tonight and he won’t be using condom..Me: What,Is he crazy or what?..The truth is I saw you f—–g the other time in the sitting room but I never knew hewas raping may I help?Janet: Please let me sleep here tonight,I know christine will be mad at you but I have no other choice,he won’t be able to do anything if he knows I slept here,,I don’t trust that guy,christine is not safe either..She held my hand looking at my face with tears like river running down her cheek,,the door opened,,I was so suprise to see christine,,I can see the suprise in her face,,she angrily stormed out when she saw janet holding my hands.. What will I tell her now….TBC


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