​My life in pastor’s houseEpisode oneI was not that happy when I was forced to leave with my church pastor’s and his family. My pastor name is donald and he has lost his wife. He is quite rich,he had one son two daughters. The son was his firstborn and about 26yrs in age,his name is mark. His second born christine,oh christine was my senior. She is 18yrs of age that looks like 26 with her huge boobs and big backyard.His third born,Hannah in 17yrs of age with very large backyard even more than christine,she is my classmate.They are both very fair in complexion. Oh me,my name is jason,same age with christine,am a bittall with wizkhalifa body,am the second and the last born. My father was the richest man in my area and my mother is a bussiness woman.Present“Jason,jason,jason” my father shoutedfrom the downstairs angrily. “What’s wrong with this man gan sef”I murmedangrily. I quickly wear my knicker and ran downstair. To my surprise,my father was holding his belt,his eyes were red,I knew am dead. My mother knelt down and was crying profusely.My dad: Jason I heard you slapped your school principal’s daughter, true?*raising up the belt*Me: T…ru..e*stammering*He moved closer to me and said “hopeyou have a genuine reason?”. Oh God,Ican’t tell him Eva(my principal daughter) try to kiss me,though it was a mistake I slapped her.My dad: Can’t you answer?Me: It was mistake.My mum: You heard him. He mistakenly slapped herMy dad: Shut up this woman,you want to spoil his life?. Sleeping with Dorothymy friend’s daughter was also a mistake(oh that,she seduced me). Beating up his classmate outside the school is also a mistake(julia said I had small d–k). Be fully prepared,you will be living with pastor donald from tommorrow henceforth. Maybe you will learn your lesson then.He angrily dropped the belt and went to his room. Mama had this look “that’s okay by me”.I went back inside,unclad myself,I stare at my long big d–k “you implicated me” I said softly. I went intothe bathroom and have my bath. I put on my uniform,collected my pocket money from mama not after several advice which I just pretended to hear and I went straight to school. One thing about my father,he hates spoilt kid,that’s why he never allow me near all his car,I love trekking and its fun.Oh,I was an ss2 student,same class with hannah,christine was in sss3 and also the senior gir.I was very handsome,fair but not too much in complexion with my killing pink lipsI got to school to see many students outside the gate all knelt down,I knew am late and it was my dad’s fault.I walked nearer and I also knelt down,I raise my head to see eva and julia(julia,the one that says I had a small d–k). Eva was very beautiful and a gentle type,she had medium boobs and a-s and was very fair in complexion while julia is choco in complexion and had this huge a-s I’ve never seen though small boobs.Eva looked away the moment our eyesmet while julia stared angrily. *weytin concern me,make dem die*.Eva: *finally speak* why are you late?*referring to me*Me: I woke up late. And you what are you two doing here,are you the prefect?Julia: Oh that, senior girl put us hereChristine(senior girl): Hey jason,why are you late and why don’t you come to church yesterday?Me: I was very sick yesterday*lied* that’s why I woke up late todayChristine: You may enterEva and julia looked at christine. “What?” Christine asked them“Nothing” they both replied. I heard therest student murmuring but who cares? Mtcheeeew,I entered smiling

My life in pastor’s houseEpisode twoI entered and went straight to my class. English teacher was already there. My english teacher,we call her corper zina.She was in her early twenties,very beautiful with medium a-s but small boobs,she was dark in complexion and was very brilliant,I callher genius.Corper zina: Jason why are you late,I was just about asking hannah your whereabout.*why hannah? Maybe because we sit together.*Me: I woke up late maCorper zina: Okay see me in my office after this class okay?Jason: okay ma,**I went to my sit and sat down**.Hannah: Welcome. Hope you have a better reason for not coming to churchyesterday?Jason: I was very sick that’s why.Hannah: sick? *she placed her hand on my forehead,detecting the temperature* how are you now?Jason: I’ll be fine don’t worryCorper zina: You have started playing your husband and wife play abi,no be here o.We both smiled while the other students murmured. I looked at my friend Valentine(I call him val) He winked at me. Val hen?. I know him as master bleeper,He has f—-d almost all the girls in my class including julia,he said he has f—-d her Five times. Me f–k? If not for dorothy that seduced me,am gentle o. Eva and julia later enter.After the english class,I followed corper zina and helped her carry her textbook.We went to the lab instead of going to her office,she gave me all this advice you know(don’t follow girls around,becareful of girls,face your studies etc)After fewhours of working,break time bell rang. Students went out just to eatsomething. Its only me and hannah alone,oh I hate to be left alone with this girl,she is tempting and always give me hard on. She shift a bit closer to me.Hannah: Don’t you wanna explain that mean deviation to me?Me: Let it be tommorrowHannah: no no *sounding childish*Me: okay pleaseHannah: **she shift more closer pressing her God gifted boobs to my chest** I like your pink lipsMy d–k has already turned to rock but thank God her sister christine enter but I thought she was going to shift away but I was wrong,she held my hand and leaned on me.Christine: Hun hun**clears throat** Jason I heard you are moving in tommorrow. That’s good,principal needs you in her office. *she had this weird look on her face*I went to principal’s office, She flogged me for slapping her daughter. After many times of waiting closing time bell finally rang.Hannah: Let’s walk home togetherOn our way….Hannah: So I’ll be expecting you tommorrowMe: Be expecting me?Hannah: Yea,tommorrow is saturday,we will catch more fun you knowMe: hmmm.We went our path. I got home, I was very tired,I went straight to bed.Later in the nightI was in my room watching p–n when my phone beeped. I checked the message,it says”Handsome I can’t wait to see you tommorrow” from Hannah.What’s wrong with this girl sef. A knock landed on my door,I opened it to see my mum.She entered,I sat on my bed and quickly stopped the p–n I was watching,she sat beside me and held my hand.My mum: Jason,you are going to pastor’s house Tommorrow,be a good child. Am suspecting you and hannah,hope there is nothing betweenyou?Jason: Nothing maMy mum: Becareful my baby boy**she gave me 50k**..For your pocket money*she walked out*That’s my mum,I continue watching my p–n,my phone beeped againMessage says”honey am h—y,need you inside me” from hannah.“This girl dey madt abi,wu b honey,mak she insert artificial d–k in her hole if she is h—y. Mtcheeeew” I hissed.

My life in pastors houseEpisode 3I watched the p–n till I found myself f—–g my bed.I can’t sleep the whole night,I don’t want to live with those girls especially that hannah,a pastor’s daughter for that matter. I checked thetime,it was 6:45am.I tried to catch some sleep which i later did and was woken up by my dad just after 20minutes,I felt like cursing him.My dad: Wake up jasonMe: Goodmorning sirMy dad: How was your night?Me: fine sir,yours?My dad: Fine.When you are ready to move out,call the driver,he will help with your luggages and at thesame time drive you there,okay?Jason: okay sirHe left for his officeMy phone ringtone pierced through my hear. I checked the caller “val”. I picked it=Val: Guy how far naMe: I dey jarwe padiVal: You dey house?Me: Guy I don enta am oo.Val: Weytin happen na*i explained*Val: I wish say na me dey your positionna na, all those girls na,hannah and christine. Chaaiii I trust myselfMe: Abegii oo,you know me be gentle boy. Yo…..(Hang up) I guess his phonehas died. Its blackberry na.I dropped my tecno phantom 5 on the bed and head for the bathroom. Not long I finished bathing but to my surprise I had 15missed calls which I have never had. I checked it “11=hannah,2=val,1=christine” I hissedand dropped it back on the bed.“Jason jason,am gone” mum shouted“Owkay ma” I shouted backI claded in my new white short sleeve top and a blue jean with my nike yeezyshoe. I checked the time “8:15”. I decided to cook and eat my breakfast. I took out my ijapa tiroko oko yannibo book and read it a little. My phone restless led blinking made me checked my inbox then I was shock when I see “where you at? Am really waiting,suprise I won’t wear my pant because of you today” from hannah. I was like…….I don die.I was still thinking about the meaning of the message when corper zina called me.Me: Hello maCorper: Jason fine boy,how was your nigHt?Me: Very fine maCorper zina: I thought you told me you wanted to know about summary?Me: yes ma,I didCorper zina: Can you come over,to my house I meanMe: I don’t know there maCorper zina: I’ll send you the addressMe: Okaay ma but I won’t be coming today,will be there next week saturday.Corper zina: Okay no problem,bye take care (hang up)I called the driver”its time to mingle with troubles” I said loudly smiling. Wespent about 1hr on the road,their house was very far indeed. We got to one very big house,painted white and yellow,duplex ofcourse. We are about to enter when my sister called me. “I have missed her soo much,she travelled abroad last month and sometimes heard from her” her name is esther,my sister eh,she was so beautiful,she is no different from whitepeople. What I love most about her is her long hair.Me: SisSister: You are angry right? Am sorry I don’t call you all this daysMe: No problem**I explained my present situation for her**All she had to say is ask for mark,I have been suspecting my sister and that mark. I go smash his head If i see him with my sis.I alighted from the car, I saw pastor donald with his laptop placed on his lap and a soft drink with bible on a small table beside him. I greeted and ask for the way in which he showed me but not after all this preaching and advices. I later made my way inside. Although……….Miss christine and miss hannah is gladly waiting for me.TBC


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